Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern: Almost two years ago I was charged with a crime and found myself and my family looking through and talking with lawyers that could represent me and that I could trust with my fate and the fate of my family. After interviewing with and talking with several different lawyer offices throughout South Carolina I was able to find the Shealey brothers' practice. When sitting down with both brothers there was a calm that I had not felt with any of the other lawyers in the area, who had all either made me feel unsure that they would be willing to take my case as far as it needed to go to get the best outcome or just wanted an extravagant amount of money up front before even willing to enter into an agreement with you. I am happier now more than ever that I was able to find their practice online and went with my instinct that they would be the ones to represent me throughout this time in my life. After nearly two years of them working continuously on my case and presenting my side of the case to the prosecution my case was finally dismissed and records of it are currently in process of being expunged, it was the outcome that no other group or lawyer had even presented. Luke and Brian Shealey did not over promise results, and they didn't continue to nickel and dime me for extra charges due to the length of time of the case; however what they did do is go what I can only consider above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of and that my case was seen fairly and justly through to its rightful end. They never made me feel like a criminal (you would be surprised how many do) and always made me feel like a client. I cannot recommend them highly enough, when yours and your family's life is on the line it helps to have a pair of confident, knowledgeable and honest lawyers to help you through what will be possibly one of the roughest times in your life. I wish them the best in their firm and myself and entire family cannot thank them enough for my case's dismissal and expungement.


Featured Clients

The shealeys are very pilot oriented respectful lawyers. They always put there clients best interest first and are very good at what they do. They stand up for what's right and are not just about the money. They fought hard to keep my family together and thanks to them my son has the chance to start his life over again on the right track. Blessed Angel's in suits. If your in any trouble rather it be civil to criminal I would suggest the best 2 lawyers in the city of Columbia, matter fact the state of south Carolina, matter fact the world contact the shealys.


I couldn't be happier with my choice of Shealy Law Firm! Brian was extremely helpful throughout the process in answering questions and keeping me up to date on my case. They are very good people and seemed to genuinely care about my case and helping me. Most importantly, he was able to get the results I wanted. You will not regret using Shealy Law Firm!



I would HIGHLY recommend this law firm. They treated me like family! Answered all my questions. In my opinion they are the BEST in the business!



Brian Shealy is the very best Criminal Attorney in my opinion. He is a professional who cares about his clients and was the miracle for my family in the midst of the life changing event that we were was faced with.

I called his office at 3:30 am and left a message. He called me early the next morning and was present at the hearing at 7:30 am the next morning. The outcome of the first day was the release without having to pay a bondsman or bail. Brian and his staff was very accommodating in every way during the process while waiting for our day in court. Every question and concern was handled with great care and the highest professionalism. We were able to go through this process with full confidence and trust in Brian. It was the first and best decision to obtain Brian as our attorney. The final results in our case were the best result possible. If you need an attorney for criminal defense, Brian Shealy's Law firm would be my recommendation and the best choice possible.

Thank you Brian and your staff for caring about my family during this difficult process and standing up for our rights as citizens. It has allowed us to move forward and look to the future with hope and peace.



I can sleep a lot better now thanks to Luke, Brian, and Brittany. They are amazing! I found myself at the center of a criminal case last year, and hired someone from another law firm. Long story short, I was not satisfied with her lack of knowledge, experience and zeal pertaining to my case, so I researched other law firms in the area and came across the Shealey Law Firm. I contacted them (my hearing was in 3 days), shared the details of my case, and scheduled to meet with them. Needless to say I hired the Shealey brothers and they took on my case on short notice. Luke and Brian are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable with the process from the first meeting until the end of the process. I did not have to go to trial due to them proposing an immunity hearing, in which they owned the courtroom from the time we walked in until we left. Immunity was granted! I am very pleased with the outcome and highly recommend the Shealey Law Firm.


If you're looking for great representation and legal services, I highly recommend Luke Shealey and the Shealey Law Firm. Not only did Luke and his firm provide exceptional service, but they were quick to act to get a favorable resolution of a larceny charge against our son. Our son was never arrested but charges were filed against him. Other than taking our money and repeatedly making false statements, the first lawyer we retained did absolutely nothing in resolving our son's case. After almost 2 years of being told, "let's not rock the boat", and "it's best to let the case remain on the docket until it's called before the judge" we sought new counsel and was referred to Luke Shealey. The one thing that we were told over and over again about Luke is that "he's a great guy who will take excellent care of you -- you'll be in good hands". Also, I'd like to add that our family resides in the Atlanta area and our son was in his freshmen year attending college in Columbia at the time he was charged. Not only is our son a good kid and student, but a scholar athlete on the football team and had never been in any trouble whatsoever, so we felt as if we were taking a chance once again on yet another attorney who may not get us the results we sought, which was having the charges dropped and/or his case expunged. Upon meeting Luke, we knew immediately he was honest, trustworthy, genuine and a lawyer who stood by his words to get the best results for his clients. He made us feel comfortable, was extremely personal, and very thorough in detailing the process it would take for a positive resolution in putting this ordeal behind us. Recently, we received the Expungement Order in our son's case. We are forever grateful to Luke Shealey, his wonderful paralegal Brittany Legg and the Shealey Law Firm for a positive outcome we once thought was not attainable for our son to get his life back. We could not have been happier or more satisfied with the services provided and would definitely refer Luke and his firm to others.


Our son got into trouble during his freshman year at USC, and he had to withdraw from school. On very short notice, we had to engage criminal law counsel in Columbia, SC, which is more than 700 miles from our home in the Northeast.

An Internet search brought us to The Shealey Law Firm. We actually called them the night before our son was due to appear in court in Columbia, SC. Luke Shealey hit the ground running and, over the 18 months that it took to successfully resolve our son's case, Luke did an outstanding job.

We are very pleased with the professional representation that our son received. Luke was always attentive to our needs, and he always responded promptly to our questions and concerns.

I would not hesitate to recommend The Shealey Law Firm to any person in need of representation.

A Grateful Parent

Review of my experience with the Shealey Law Firm:

To preface this statement I would like to say that I am 100% satisfied with the work that both Brian and Luke did for me regarding my case. After calling several firms in the Columbia area I was told to speak with the Shealey Law Firm. From the first moments of our conversation I had made the decision to hire them for my case. Luke and Brian went out of their way to help me even before officially being hired.

Over the course of nearly three months I spoke with Luke and Brian over the phone and in person regarding my proceedings on a regular basis. They were willing to help me with anything that I needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are both personable and professional, and were straight forward with me.

Even after a favorable outcome with my case I continue to keep in touch with Luke and Brian. They have continued to give me guidance, even aside from my original legal issues.

I would recommend the Shealey Law Firm to anyone who needs legal guidance and/or legal representation. I have absolutely no complaints about the service that I received from each individual working in their office. I honestly could not have had a better experience.


Happy Client

I'm overwhelmed with the quality of the services I received from the Shealey Law Firm and the favorable outcome they secured for me. In late afternoon I was arrested for Driving Under the Influence and taken to the county detention center. It was after normal business hours when my wife first spoke with Luke Shealey and he and his brother Brian were on the case immediately. Luke was present for the bond hearing the following morning long before the judge arrived. Before I ever appeared before the judge, Luke had arranged for me to be released on a personal recognizance bond. Following my release the Shealeys walked me thru the process of acquiring a temporary driver's license and I was able to drive again right away. In the initial meeting with Brian and Luke I was greatly comforted by their caring, calm demeanors and assurances they would help me with achieving favorable results. I was immediately impressed not only with their obvious competence and capability, but also their empathy for me as a fellow human being. Brian and Luke kept me informed and up to date throughout the entire legal process and kept me reassured although I was secretly certain I'd be found guilty.

Brian accompanied me to court and, much to my ecstatic amazement, negotiated with the arresting state trooper who agreed to lower the charges to an offense less than DUI. Brian accomplished that feat long before court was even in session. I and my family will be forever grateful to the Shealey Law Firm for their intervention that altered the course of events away from what could have been dreadful long term results that would not have been reversible in my lifetime given my advanced age. I was faced with a large fine, a forever tarnished driving record, years of costly SR22 auto insurance, and the real possibility of the loss of my professional licensure and the ability to continue with my post retirement job. All of the dire preceding consequences would have occurred at a time when my wife and I were struggling to help finance our daughter thru her final year of college. Without any reservations I would absolutely recommend the Shealey Law Firm to anyone ever in the need of criminal defense.


Happy Client

I came to the Shealey Law Firm in hopes of obtaining legal help from a lawyer that truly cared about me as a person not just another billable client. Upon meeting with Brian and Luke it was immediately apparent that they cared about me and my case just as much as any other case at their Firm. They both became personally invested and treated my case as if it was directly affecting their own well-being. They guided me through the process from start to finish and made me feel comfortable with everything. The best part about working with Brian and Luke is that you get two amazing lawyers not just one! I would highly recommend contacting them with any legal assistance you may need... You will not be disappointed!


Happy Client

I would recommend The Shealey Law Firm to anyone in need of a lawyer the works for you and is not just about the money in their pocket. I was facing a 5 year felony as a single mother, a very scary thing, and with their help was able to have my charge knocked down to a misdemeanor with 6 months conditional probation. I do not think there is any better turn out that could have happened with my case. Now my record will be expunged and I do not have to worry about my one day of bad judgement following me around for life. Luke and Brian do not look at you as criminals as most lawyers would, they look at you as their friends or family and want to see the best outcome for all of their cases. I could not ask for a better group of guys to work for me. Luke has been awesome through all of this even with me freaking out late at night, having to text him he has always been there with the right answer and never lead me to any false information either. I got quoted on my charge from one lawyer wanting over $10,000 for my case and he himself said best he could do would be to serve half the 5 year term. I'm glad I did not settle for that and went to Luke and Brian where they have given me a second chance, Thank you guys for everything, and I would send anyone I know looking for a lawyer to their firm and would know that they would be in good hands. Brittany is also great help when the guys are tied up in courts and she goes above and beyond to get the answers you need.


Happy Client

I cannot recommend Brian, Luke, and Brittany highly enough. If you require the services of a criminal defense attorney, you are experiencing a stressful situation. Relying on a less than stellar attorney will only compound the problem. Choose wisely.

I met with several attorneys before meeting with Luke and Brian. The Shealeys were obviously more than competent, and I just felt like they were my guys. And they were. I could not have made a better choice. I found them to be compassionate and professional at all times. They were always available to answer any questions I had. They communicated clearly to me what I needed to do and kept me informed of the status of my case. I was very happy with the outcome of my case, the charge was dismissed.

I think they really believe in what they are doing, and they are excellent at it. Again, I cannot overstate my satisfaction.


Happy Client

I wanted express my heartfelt thanks for Luke Shealey's excellent work on behalf of my daughter. As you can imagine, having your daughter in need of legal help when you live 400 miles away can be nerve racking. I was referred to Luke and he never disappointed. He clearly laid out the situation we had and explained what typical outcomes were. As the case progressed, Luke was able to reach an outcome that we did not expect, all charges dropped. I can't recommend Luke or his staff strongly enough.


Happy Client

The Shealey Law Firm is an exceptional firm with two world class lawyers who not only are some of the best at their job ( their resume speaks for itself) helping me out beyond my expectations, they were also very patient and understanding with my personal growth while giving me incredible representation for such a low price. I highly recommend them for anyone needing great representation with understanding and caring people who want to fight for you!


Happy Client

Brian Sheally was excellent in the representation of my case. He answered all of my questions in a timely manner. He was able to get my charges reduced greatly and I am grateful to him and his paralegal Brittany. Thank you for all your help!!!


Happy Client

My experience with this law firm has been extremely pleasant! Luke does his job very well and works hard for his clients. He is easy to get in contact with and is honest about what he can do for you instead of lying and fluffing just to get your money. I will refer him to everyone I know! Thanks again Luke! :)


Happy Client

Both brothers were professional and a pleasure to meet, Brittney was awesome, and Luke did an amazing job answering any questions I had while working hard to get any charges against me dropped.

Happy Client

I highly recommend working with this law firm, if I ever need services in the future I will use them again!


Happy Client

Due to the unfortunate back to back accidents I was involved in by being rear ended both times, I googled top Law Firms in Columbia and The Shealey Law Firm was the first one in the list. I read nothing but positive things on the reviews about this Law Firm which led me to call them and God knows I'm glad that so did. From the first day and even during the entire process they have been proactive in my case and not once did I ever have to call them to ask about any statuses because they kept me informed with everything they were doing. If they were not satisfied with what the other parties insurance was offering they would call me directly and ask permission to persue more; let me tell you that they fight for their clients and I would recommend them to any and every body that may be seeking representation; I give them five stars!!!!! Thank you Shealey Law Firm.


Happy Client

Attorney Shealey is outstanding. He took the time to explain the law regarding my situation and if I ever had a question he or his paralegal Brittany would answer within the hour. Attorney Shealey took the time to get to know me as a person beyond the current situation. He was kind and up front. I am very grateful to have been in such good hands during a very stressful event in my life. I would highly recommend attorney Shealey without hesitation. He will work hard for the best possible outcome in your case.


Happy Client

Back in February my significant other had got into some trouble and was charged wrongfully by Greenville City Police. I was stressed looking all over the place most of the law firms in Greenville wasn't available so I looked up super lawyers in Columbia. When I tell you I found the BEST law firm in Columbia... I want to thank the whole staff of Shealey law firm especially Luke! These are attorneys who care about your loved ones and not just money hungry. Every question and concern I had it was answered right away no delays. My boyfriend was facing a lot of federal time behind his charges and Luke did what he had to do!! So happy and beyond appreciative for Luke getting all charges dropped!! That man knows his work. Thank you so much for representing him with so much dignity and character... we need more attorneys like you ❤️.


Happy Client

I cannot put into words how incredibly thankful we are with Brian and Luke Shealey. My fiancé was facing many life threatening charges, and Luke and Brian saved his life. Everything he was facing looked impossible, but we got the best possible outcome. I sincerely credit that to Luke and Brian.

Throughout the case, they kept our family fully informed of everything going on, as well as answered every single question in incredible detail. Even when I thought I asked too many questions, they took the time to sit with us and walk us through everything. We were never lost with the case.

Of course, criminal cases are hard emotionally. Even though Brian and Luke were strangers before, they became family and supported us just like family does. They have big hearts, have integrity, are extremely talented, and have an incredible in-depth knowledge of the law. I highly recommend The Shealey Law firm to protect you and your family.



For something like this, I am a very private person but to let the accomplishments of Luke and Brian go unrecognized would be a tragedy of un-mitigating proportions. To our family, Luke & Brian Shealey were a God-send. To say that they pulled out all the stops in representing our fella is a complete understatement. Going into this, we knew what our family was facing and yet they took the case, with zeal, and represented our fella with a commitment I have never seen. Our boy was facing a lot, and Luke and Brian used their entire arsenal to create a situation that was workable and saved our fella. We are now looking to the future with hope and optimism which would not have been remotely possible without the representation of Luke and Brian Shealey. To put it bluntly, as a former law enforcement officer who knows exactly how the criminal justice system works, If you are facing a legal situation that seems unbearable, you need to call Luke and Brian Shealey.


I found the Shealey Law Firm a little over three years ago while desperately scouring the web to find the best attorney in South Carolina. Like you are doing now, I read reviews, publications, profiles...just about any and everything that would give me some insight. I knew this was literally a life and death decision I was making. After doing so, I chose to interview 3-4 of the attorneys I had found in person before making my final decision. EVERYONE...I'll repeat...EVERYONE I met with paled in comparison to the Shealey brothers (now lovingly called "The Wonder Twins" in my family).

From day one, I was impressed with their level of professionalism, commitment, dedication and knowledge of the law. They spent endless hours with their team over the course of three years working the case. I trusted them the entire time with my eyes closed. They were always available to provide updates (even when there weren't any lol) and continued to keep the family focused on the big picture with a reassurance that helped us sleep at night. The Wonder Twins did not dissappoint! My fiance was released 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, and this was the best holiday season.

If you're reading this looking for the best law firm to represent you or your loved one, please know...The Shealey Law Firm, LLC is the needle in the haystack you are looking for!!!!


Satisfied Clients

March 20, 2019 I was in my first major car accident. I sustained a physical injury, lost my vehicle, and had to miss a few days' work. After getting the feeling that the other drivers insurance company was not willing to play fair, I found myself in the need of an attorney. After working with the Shealey brothers in the past, I knew exactly who to call. They happily put me in touch with Mr. Truluck.

After just 2 months, Mr. Truluck and the Shealey team (Brittany included) were able to negotiate a fair settlement that was 110x's more than I would have ever received had I dealt with this on my own.

I honestly believe that there is no case that this amazing team of attorneys can't handle. Mr. Truluck did not make unrealistic promises that were impossible to keep. The only promise he made to me was that he would do everything possible to make sure that I received everything that I deserved. I am happy to say that he kept that promise. Should I ever find myself in a position where an attorney is needed, I know exactly who to call.


Brian and Luke are thorough and professional, it was easy to communicate with them, and they are great people to deal with. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case because of their exceptional work. I would absolutely use their services again and highly recommend to anyone.


From the first meeting with The Shealey Law Firm I was impressed by their professionalism and experience. Brian was straightforward and expressed his interest and his ability to handle the case. My family member was facing serious charges that carried 30 years each for two of those charges and a handful of other felonies and misdemeanor charges. Over the course of two years Brian and his team worked very diligently. He stayed in contact and updated us every step of the way. Brian Shealey took steps in the beginning of the case collecting evidence, statements and all other needed information, which became key at the trial. Brian Shealey was able to get a plea deal for my family member. The two burglary charges which carry 30 years each lowered and a couple of charges dropped. At the end of a tough and complicated case, because of the evidence the prosecution had and the seriousness of the charges, probation for three years was given. After completing probation and staying out of trouble for five years my family member criminal record will be expunged. This plea deal could not have been any better. I can't thank Brian Shealey enough and his team for such an extraordinary job at law. He is passionate about his work and clients. This is definitely the law firm you want to choose when it comes to your freedom. Thank you Mr. Brian Shealey!

Ms. Johnson

We cannot express how thankful we are to have found the Shealey Law Firm in our time of need. Not ever having any previous need for legal representation, we had no idea what to expect. The Shealey brothers were extremely professional, thorough and took great care to explain everything that we should expect throughout the legal process. We came to them in our most vulnerable moment and we were treated with respect and dignity. Anytime we had questions, they always replied quickly. Brittany was fantastic as well and certainly an asset to the firm.
I feel like the fee charged, while costly, was worth every penny and when you are facing potential lifelong consequences, you don't want to bargain shop for your legal representation.
The outcome of my husband's case was the best possible scenario. He will not have any long term consequences and is currently in the process of getting his record expunged. I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend The Shealey Law Firm to anyone. I can't imagine anyone who could have handled the case better than they did.


The Shealey Law Firm are extremely thorough & on point when handling my case. When an offer was made I asked for their opinion they said they didn't like it, we can get better! They did and the case was dropped. Luke & Brian are amazing lawyers I have recommended them to anyone who has needed help. Luke did such a great job keeping in touch with me my case. If I had any questions he answered quickly with a call or text!


Hands down the best law firm! I was recently in need of legal counsel and after hours of research I decided to call The Shealey Law Firm and schedule an appointment. That was the BEST decision I could have made! Both Brian and Luke are very knowledgeable and professional. A huge thanks to Brian for getting my case dismissed at the preliminary hearing! I highly recommend The Shealey Law Firm for anyone in need of legal counsel.



Luke Shealey, of the Shealey Law Firm, has been a god-send. My family was facing one of the most difficult times we had ever experienced. Luke was honest with us from the start of our conversations. He didn't sugar coat it but he didn't make us feel like there was no hope. He treated us with respect and was not judgmental. He kept us up-to-date on everything that was going on and made sure deadlines, appearances, paperwork, etc., were taken care of. He also achieved results I never would have thought possible. He went above and beyond what was required. I cannot begin to explain how much it means when you are going through one of the hardest times of your life to feel like you have someone who is looking out for your interest and will try to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family. I would highly recommend him and his firm.



The Shealey Law Firm is courteous, professional, and capable. They were very helpful and a breath of fresh air after initially hiring a different attorney. My previous lawyer sat on my case for nearly a year, but after The Shealey Firm took the case over it was resolved within a matter of weeks with a tremendous result for me. I'm thankful for hiring them and would recommend to anyone.



After an unfortunate incident, I found myself in need of a lawyer. I did my own research and came across the The Shealey Law Firm and their outstanding reviews. I first decided to meet with them, but after the initial meeting, I hired them. They were courteous, professional, and had a calm and comforting demeanor. Knowing that they had "bigger cases" than mine, I still felt like a priority. During the entire experience, all through the trial, and beyond they remained extremely professional and caring. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. I am so thankful to them for their help and patience. I would recommend them to anyone looking for talented and professional lawyers who go above and beyond for their clients.



Brian Shealey has provided legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation. I found him to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest.
I would highly recommend Brian to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest at the forefront.



I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. The charge was dismissed and I did not have to pay any type of fine. The Shealey's were a great help and I highly recommend their services!



When our situation seemed so bleak, they were there for us. Their expertise in guiding us through the process lifted a huge weight off our shoulders and gave us the peace of mind that everything was going to be taken care of. They answered every question and never left without reassuring us that they were only a phone call away. They made us feel safe and protected and by the end of the whole situation we felt like family. Shealey Law Firm got us the best possible outcome we could have hoped for and our family will always be grateful.

Mykrantz Family

Shealey Law handled our son's misdemeanor with tremendous expertise, local knowledge and discretion. We were very relieved with the fair result



Brian & Luke Shealey exceeded all expectations that I needed for my case. Hands down they are the best criminal defense lawyers in Columbia, SC. They became more than just lawyers, they are real good friends and I love to see them work. Thank you for everything.



Brian & Luke are an outstanding team of Defense Counselors. I would recommend them to anyone and they will fight to prove your innocence. They are very reasonable on your pockets and very compassionate in their jobs. Their staff also gave their all in assisting with the Defense of our son. Thanks to the Shealey Law Firm, justice was served. Job Well Done!



I was thrilled with my experience working with Shealey Law firm. I knew that my case was in great hands from my consultation with Brian through to my case being dismissed. Their compassion, kindness, and knowledge made an otherwise stressful scenario much easier. I cant speak highly enough and would recommend them to anyone in need of legal services. Thank you Brian and Luke for everything!


Happy Client

I never thought that I would find myself in need of legal services; however, when I did, a friend referred me to Luke Shealey and I haven't regretted it a day since. My case was dismissed before it ever even made it to court. Mr. Shealey also worked out a payment plan with me in which he has displayed a tremendous amount of patience. If I should ever find myself in need of any legal services again I will choose no other than the Shealey Law Firm. Thanks Mr. Shealey! Luke Shealey is the way to go!



I strongly recommend to friends and family, Shealey Law Firm for your Legal Services. From start to finish they have been great. Words can't express my gratitude. Thank you Luke & Brian



I would like to take the time to thank Luke and Brian. I was very afraid, and very confused. When I entered their office, immediately I was reassured that my life was not over. Facing prison time and separation form my family was almost too much to handle. These guys are the most amazing attorneys that I have ever met. They kept me comfortable and I could not have ever dreamed of a better outcome of a bad situation! I would like to thank them for saving my life. Really, they saved me from separation form my most precious gift, my disabled son, who would be lost without his mom. Thank You Guys! You are the bomb!!!



There is not a single negative word that can be said about the Shealey Law Firm. From the day of my first visit with them I was put at ease and all my worries were completely diminished. The care and time they took on my case gave me great confidence that I would arrive at nothing but a positive outcome. I could not have asked for a better group of individuals to have handled my case.



My family would like to thank Mr. Luke Shealey for a superior job well done! Luke represented our daughter on a parole hearing and Luke was awesome! This was a great experience for our family during this time of need, and if you need a good lawyer we recommend the Shealey Law Firm.

The Geter Family


Mr. Luke A. Shealey is a very professional lawyer that not only works hard for his clients but also cares about you. He will provide you with a free consult to hear your side and then give you his advice of what he will do if you hire him. I must say he went above and beyond what I expected. The day after I had my free consult I decided to go pay the money to hire him as my attorney. That morning the cops showed up at my house and arrested me for a criminal domestic violence warrant. My wife called and got in touch with him on my behalf. I was out that afternoon on a PR bond and the automatic no contact provision was waived by the judge. This is rare to happen and everyone in the jail was surprised. The case was dismissed today and the charges will be removed off my record.



The Shealey Law Firm was incredible in helping me in court. Both Luke and Brian kept in touch with me throughout the entirety of the case. The Shealey Law Firm kept both my family and I at ease and helped us through it. They are a team that you can trust and they will work hard for anyone. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and I know that I will be coming back for any other type of legal consultation in the future. The Shealey Law Firm is the only one I trust!



I just wanted to say thank you and your law firm for assisting my son and I on his case. Without your help, I am not sure where we would be or what my son's future would have been. Because of your help, he is definitely headed to the Army, and I could not be more sad, happy, and excited as we start our new journey. You will never know how much you are appreciated!!

This was our first time ever needing an attorney and y'all were awesome!! I couldn't have asked for a better Law Firm to represent us and ya'll went above and beyond for us. The firm eased us through the legal process and navigated us through to the other side with great satisfactory and amazing results! Thank you!

I am glad to know that if I ever need an attorney again, I can count on you first!!




Luke did and awesome job with my case! He was always easy to get in contact with and got the job done. I would easily use him again.



Brian Shealey of the Shealey law firm is as professional as a lawyer can be. I had entrusted him with my case and from the beginning until its closing, Brian did not waiver in his confidence of a successful outcome on my end. If ever I have any issues that require legal counsel, I will not hesitate to contact Brian of Shealey law firm. My hat is off to them. Thank you Brian for your hardwork and dedication.

v/r Sgt James R. Smyrnios

Mr. Luke Shealey was very professional in representing my case. He provided exceptional service and was very knowledgeable in criminal law. Mr. Shealey returned emails and other forms of communication expeditiously along with keeping me informed of every aspect of my case.

He guided me through every step and gave me advice in the best interest of my case. He went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with every legal decision before proceeding, and he's very caring about his clients which is hard to come by. I would highly recommend him.



Luke and Brian are excellent lawyers who have helped me immensely and helped me to receive extremely favorable results in my case. They helped criminally, civilly, and at the university level. They obviously are well versed in their field to be able to help at all of those levels so significantly. I would recommend them to anyone who may be looking for legal counsel. They are diligent, hardworking, and personable lawyers with years of experience within their field that has allowed them to make great connections as well. They are the best!



Throughout my entire legal process, the Shealey Law office was always eager to help me and answer any questions that I had. They were always very nice and professional.

The fees were very reasonable. I could not have asked for a better outcome to my situation. The Shealey's knew the law, they told me what to expect and that's what I got! They make it look easy, but I assure you it is not!

I'm very grateful and pleased with the team at the Shealey law offices!

J. Helton


The Shealey Law Firm did an excellent job on my case. They took me on as a client on short notice the day of my arraignment. Mr. Shealey did everything he could to make it from Columbia to Camden for the arraignment. From that point on the Shealey's promoted a holistic approach to the case that would take care of each of the three charges brought against me. Using this holistic approach we were able to cut a deal with the Solicitor to have my DUI charge dropped to a reckless driving, which would in turn make me eligible for PTI to expunge the two drug related charges I was facing. But their assistance did not stop there. They immediately pushed for me to be able to start the PTI process as soon as possible. Within two days I was able to meet with the PTI Director and apply, a process that normally takes a couple of weeks. The Shealey brothers constantly worked to ensure that me, my parents, and them were all on the same page throughout the process. I would highly recommend the Shealey Law Firm and will use them again if the need ever arises.

Sean M.


After firing the first attorney in Aiken, I did my research and found the Shealey Law Firm. My grandson was charged with attempted murder and was not guilty. Because of the nature of what was at stake, after talking to both Luke and Brian Shealey, I knew they had the necessary skill level and experience needed to defend the case. They have experience with the state and local rules and laws of court as criminal defense attorneys. Even though they came into the case behind another attorney, they immediately got to work with a sound defense strategy and my grandson's charges were dismissed. The entire staff were always professional and respectful to the family and my grandson. The paralegal was very competent and empathetic. Their fee was reasonable and they were flexible about payment schedules. If you ever need a criminal attorney in a serious situation I highly recommend The Shealey Law Firm



Luke Shealey, of the Shealey Law Firm, handled a criminal case for my family. The expert and flawless method in which they closed this case astonished us. Undeniably, they accomplished a result far greater than anything we could have rationally anticipated or dared to hope would have transpired. In the future, if I ever need a personal or criminal attorney again, I will unquestionably call upon the Shealey Law Firm because I have complete confidence in their decision-making abilities, as well as their proficiency.



I hired The Shealey Law Firm to handle an auto accident case for me. They were extremely attentive to my case, making sure every detail was taken care of. Both Brian and Luke always made sure I understood each aspect of my case, and that all of my questions were answered. We got an incredibly favorable result, and I know I wouldn't have gotten that outcome without them on my side.



Good Afternoon,

Upon reaching the conclusion of my criminal case in South Carolina successfully I would like to extend a sincere thank you to both you and your firm. From the moment of hiring your service I have been completely satisfied. With living long distance in New York, I was initially concerned that it would be an obstacle. But it did not hinder my situation one bit. Working with Shealey Law Firm provided me with confidence, security, and impeccable representation. I received constant updates without reaching out and answers to my questions with immediate response. Throughout the whole process I was given a proactive prospective that was implemented victoriously . There has been a bond created with you and I that I will never forget.

With sincere thanks



Mr. Shealey, it is important you know that you are an excellent attorney, and not just because you had the case dismissed. It is because you know what you are doing and care; i.e. you're honest, up front, kind, professional and took initiative. When we first spoke, as you may know, I was "livid" due to feeling misrepresented by a prior attorney. Your demeanor on the phone and calming words after our first conversation assured me I was in "good hands." You earned my trust, so thank you again for what you do and simply being great.



I have nothing but the highest praise for the Shealey Law Firm. Brian and Luke are very professional and dedicated to helping their clients. Brian was always available to answer my questions and address my concerns. My DUI case was very challenging and they worked tirelessly on my case which resulted in my case being dismissed. Also, a special thanks to Brittany, their paralegal who was very helpful. I highly recommend the Shealey Law Firm.



I sought out the legal services of this law firm during a troubling time in my life. I met with a few firms, none of which demonstrated their level of commitment and professionalism. From the lawyers to the paralegals, they were always available for any questions and concerns. I loved the outcome of my case and I fully recommend them for anyone in need of their services.



These folks are among the most professional people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Not only did they spend over two years of their time making sure that I got the best outcome possible from my accident, but they were always there to answer questions, provide updates and to simply talk to on a personal level throughout the process. I cannot recommend them more highly and I am absolutely convinced that I could not have had a better team on my side! I will never call anyone else --if needed-- and I recommend that anyone else starts their research right here with Luke, Brian and the Shealey staff!!!



Dear Mr. Shealey,

I am writing this letter in regard to expungement services you provided for me in 2017. I uncovered a couple misdemeanor infractions on my record when I applied for my Global Entry Card in 2017. These infractions occurred nearly 30 years ago while I was in college.

I reached out to your firm to understand if there were any options I may have around these infractions and potentially having them expunged from my record. While there were some unique circumstances around the potential for expungement, you took the time to research, question local courts and plot a course of action in my best interest. I am very pleased that the resultant outcome was to have these infractions removed from my record through the expungement process. I am confident this could not have happened without your attention to the infractions, matters of law, and persuasive counsel.

It was a pleasure working with you and Brittany on this matter and I appreciate the attention and services that you provided me in timely resolution of my concerns. I am confident in your knowledge of South Carolina Law and that you work diligently to resolve your client's concerns. Thank you for your attention to my concerns and I could not be more pleased with the outcome you secured in this matter.



I would like to thank Luke and Brian for representing our daughter when she was recently in need of legal help. We were honestly afraid, and uncertain of what her future would be, and completely unfamiliar with the court proceedings ahead of us. Luke was calm and reassuring and explained everything that would take place ahead of time. He updated us every time he had new information, and was able to work out a fair resolution for her case prior to the actual court date. We can't thank you enough for your help and for your support throughout this ordeal.



Shealey Law Firm assisted me with my court case. The outcome was excellent and appreciate the professional customer service. The staff and attorneys were the absolute best. Thank you, Brian, luke and Brittany!!!



The past 6 months has been a true test for our family, when a member of your family is falsely accused of some very serious charges that carries some very serious time is possible, you first panic, collect your thoughts and look for someone who can help.

The Shealey Law Firm with Brian & Luke Shealey and their team put the time and effort to first make our family feel confident and at ease that they would fight for us to the end.

They put our family first, they put the trust we had for their knowledge and professionalism to the test and delivered. I can never say thank you Brian & Luke enough

If your in trouble, Call these Guys, Brian & Luke Shealey they will fight for you till the end.

Thanks again

Al Winemiller


We believe Luke and Brian are among the BEST attorneys in Columbia! We met and interviewed with three other firms prior to choosing The Shealey Law Firm. As soon as we talked with Luke and Brian, we knew they would do the very best for our case and they certainly did just that. They know the law and are confident in their defense. They were able to get our case dismissed and expunged. You cannot go wrong hiring the Shealey brothers.



Absolutely great experience with this firm and their staff; if I ever need legal defense in the future no question these are my guys. Brittany and Brian were fantastic to work with.



Luke Shealey and the Shealey Law firm provided superior service to my family and I. Luke's expertise was second to none. He assisted me with clearing the path for my family to be reunited. Thank you Shealey Law firm you are the best.



The lawyers and staff at the Shealey Law Firm are as good as it gets. They are smart, responsive, authentic, and caring. They helped me and my family during a very stressful time, and I am forever grateful for that. Being a lawyer myself, I know great representation when I see it - the Shealey Law Firm is top-notch.



The Shealey Law Firm is as good as it gets. You will not find harder working or more professional attorneys, period. If you think you may need an attorney, start here.



If you are consulting reviews for this firm, let me help you - these are the people you want. I could write six pages on the outstanding representation, the professionalism, compassion, and commitment to clients, just take my advice and call them. They are experts in their fields and you will not be disappointed.



I just want to take the time to tell you how amazing the Shealey brothers are. It was my first time ever getting a DUI and they took me under there wing. They were so calm, respectful, and attentive. Always made sure any time I had questions they were always there to help no matter what !! The results they got on my case were outstanding! I would Recommend them to anyone and everyone who ever needs a great lawyer !!



I cannot say enough good things about the Shealey Law Firm. They are very smart, very experienced and very caring. They are extremely quick to respond to any questions or concerns you might have and keep you informed about everything you need to know throughout the entire legal process. Brian and Luke go above and beyond what is normally expected of your average attorney. As they say on their website, "Trust is everything" and it certainly is, especially when it comes to hiring an attorney. You can definitely trust the Shealeys to work very hard in your best interest and to get you the justice you deserve. I would highly recommend them and if I ever need another attorney, I wouldn't call anyone else!



I highly recommend this law firm. Mr Shealey is very knowledgeable and makes certain to keep you informed on all steps of the process. I was able to fully understand each phase and felt at ease. I am very thankful for all of their support. Thank you!



As a criminal defense attorney myself, I have thought of Luke and Brian Shealey as some of the best criminal defense attorneys in South Carolina for a long time. They have provided advice and wisdom to attorneys across the entire state, and I'm lucky to say I have been one of those to benefit.

That is why, when I received my own tickets and had to appear in court, I knew exactly who to hire. After all, an attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client.

The Shealeys did a wonderful job (as they always do) and got both of my tickets dismissed. I felt entirely comfortable and confident throughout the whole process knowing that I had Luke and Brian in my corner.

When it came to the civil case that came from those tickets, I again knew exactly who to turn to for legal advice. Chris Truluck, an expert on civil litigation in their office, helped me handle that matter, too. And once again, my family and I could not be happier with the outcome.

Columbia is lucky to have The Shealey Law Firm in our community. Truly caring attorneys who provide excellent legal representation.



This law firm is the very best in every way anywhere, very professional and clear, and thorough in their work and coming from a lot of experience. They will be very clear on letting clients knowing all the details involved. Very highly recommended if you are looking for an attorney.



You need good lawyers look no further. They take their job serious. They were more than just lawyers, they provided friendship. They also gave me confidence of a win, and delivered with astonishing results. Love the Shealeys.



The team at Shealey Law Firm have been extremely helpful through a legal process that has had a number of complications, including a global pandemic. They have gotten results for me and when money was tight, they were willing to work out a payment plan for the representation fee. I could not recommend them more highly!



I highly recommend this firm. They were willing to work with me and take monthly payments while representing me. They work very hard for a positive outcome and are very professional!!



The professionalism of the Shealey Law Firm is exceptional! During a difficult time in my life in addition to the pandemic the representatives of this law firm were very thorough, effective and efficient in their representation. Their communication was excellent. I never had to guess or wonder what was going on with my case. In addition, the concern and empathy that was shown is greatly appreciated. I'm sure that I wasn't their only client but I was made to feel as if i was. If this is what you are looking for in a law firm I highly recommend the Shealey Law Firm. A special thank you to Mr. Truluck and Ms. Arnold.



This was difficult for me, as it was my first time with something more serious than a speeding ticket. Brian and Luke both reassured me, they along with their team would do everything in their power to make things right. Through the year and a half ordeal, Brian and his team worked diligently and got me free and clear of all charges. This team is knowledgeable and perfectly organized from Brian to his lead investigator to the best paralegal. Thank you is not enough for what Shealey Law Firm has done for me.



Hands down the BEST Attorney's around. First off I was super scared of my case and wasn't sure what to do as I had never experienced this before. Attorney Brian Shealey and his team calmed my nerves and made me feel comfortable and valued. All of the team was very timely and efficient. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. You will NOT be disappointed with the Shealey Law Firm.



If circumstances are such that you find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney, strongly consider retaining the services of The Shealey Law Firm.

Recently a close family acquaintance was charged with a serious crime. This crime was based upon false allegations in order to gain leverage on a concurrent civil proceeding.

The choice was made to enlist the services of The Shealey Law Firm based on dozens of excellent online reviews and because the firm's website makes it clear that criminal defense law makes up a large part of the firm's practice. During the initial meeting with Luke Shealey, it became clear that criminal defense law is his passion and an area of considerable expertise.

The decision to hire the Shealey's proved to be a wise one. From the beginning, Luke was absolutely steadfast in his belief that the prosecution did not possess enough evidence to validate the charges. A persistent client advocate, over the course of several pretrial arraignments, Luke was able to move the prosecutor to grant a full dismissal of all charges.

As a result, a dear friend was spared the distress and disruption of having to endure a protracted legal process and was completely exonerated.

Beyond achieving the obvious goal of bringing about a successful outcome, Luke demonstrated all of the attributes one wants in an attorney. He carefully explained each step in the legal process, was thorough in his court preparation, and very important was remarkably available and supportive in what was clearly an anxiety-provoking situation. In such distressing circumstances, you want a pro in your corner, and Luke is a true professional. For anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney, I recommend The Shealey Law Firm highly and without any reservation.



The Shealey Law Firm TEAM is phenomenal in every aspect...from the initial visit to the courtroom. Their knowledge of the law, great communication skills, and compassion for their clients is unsurpassed. I would highly recommend them without any reservation!



Attorneys that actually care. Would recommend 100%



As a former criminal defense attorney, I have seen Luke and Brian fighting for their clients firsthand - both inside and outside the courtroom. So when a very close family member found himself facing serious and life-altering accusations, the Shealey Law Firm was the only firm we reached out to. As I expected, Luke immediately jumped into action. His years of experience in the criminal justice world in South Carolina meant he knew exactly which steps to take and who to talk to. I am relieved to report that the criminal investigation was dropped within days of Luke getting involved. I have no doubt that having Shealey Law in our corner made all the difference. He truly treated my family like his family, which was such a comfort during a very stressful time. I recommend the Shealey Law Firm without hesitation.



Luke and his team worked tirelessly on my case and were able to turn a 30 year sentence into a 500 dollar fine. He even helped me with my expungement paper free of charge after my case was resolved. Will always be grateful to Luke and his team.


How can I express what a great experience I had during a stressful moment in my life. The team at Shealey Law Firm, was very respectful with my unique situation. I was helped by Mr. Shealey himself. As a military member from out of town I couldn't have asked for more. Communication in a timely manner from the very beginning on a Saturday/Sunday of a holiday weekend. When it began through to the end. I truly felt as though they cared about getting the best resolve in my situation. I would highly recommend Shealey Law Firm I'm beyond pleased and Happy that I chose them.


Put the work in on my case and really changed the out come with the help of God being on there side but let me put it this way if you need a lawyer that's going put there foot to the prosecutor there at the top of the list. I say check them out they can get the job done the best way possible and in your benefit but they will keep it real with you no matter what it is .