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When you need a Columbia First Amendment lawyer, Shealey Law Firm will aggressively and capably represent your interests. We believe the First Amendment is important. That means advising our clients on the law and protecting their rights. To talk to a civil rights lawyer in Columbia, SC, call 803-590-3917 and ask for a consultation.

First Amendment Attorneys in Columbia, SC

Speech, and specifically the right to speak, profoundly impacts our lives. So much of our daily activities, and what other people around us do, is grounded in our free speech and expression rights.

If you have a legal issue or problem involving First Amendment rights, we invite you to talk to our lawyers in Columbia, SC. See how we can protect your rights and how we advocate for clients. We can begin representing you today.

Your First Amendment Rights

The First Amendment is part of the United States Constitution. There are five major aspects of our First Amendment rights:

  • Expression
  • The press (journalism)
  • Association and assembly
  • Freedom to petition
  • Religion

The South Carolina Constitution has freedom of speech protections, too.

Section 2 of the South Carolina Constitution, Article I, Declaration of Rights protects the right to speech, press, assembly, petition, and religion.

The U.S. Constitution and the South Carolina Constitution use similar language to protect basic freedoms. Our lawyers will protect your rights under both state and federal laws.

Areas of First Amendment Law We Handle

Media, social media, publishing

Issues may relate to media content, libel and slander, individual posts and content production.

School issues

Your issue may relate to dress at school, statements on personal items or student conduct.

Protesting and right to assembly

First Amendment rights include the right to protest and the right to peacefully assemble.

Defenses to crime

If you’re charged with a crime that involves your free speech rights, we will prepare an aggressive defense.

Election activities

Speech in the area of election law may include campaign finances, contributions and campaign activity.

Commercial activity

Our services include advising on advertising, copyright violation and fair use in commercial activity.

Religious liberties

We handle cases involving government establishment of religion or where a person may be prevented from freely exercising their religious practices.

Academic freedom and tenure

We understand issues of academic freedom and tenure. Let us provide counsel and legal representation.

Emerging technologies

As technology continues to grow and change, legal issues continue to evolve.

Remaining silent

Your First Amendment rights include the right not to speak.

Rights in the workplace

Our representation may include the right to privacy, religious expression and other issues in employment.

Help At Any Stage of the Case

Our Columbia First Amendment Lawyers are here whenever you need us. We provide counsel, representation and litigation services.

  • Counsel: Identifying potential issues, providing advice and guiding you through your activity.
  • Representation: Help with issues when disputes arise.
  • Litigation: Pursuing your case in court. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in First Amendment claims.

We are trial lawyers, legal counselors and advisors. Whether you are looking to prevent conflict regarding First Amendment activities, or you need aggressive legal representation, Shealey Law Firm can capably represent your interests.

When Your Rights Are in Jeopardy

At Shealey Law Firm, we are committed to building trust with our clients. Your First Amendment rights are critical. Whether you are an individual, business, non-profit or even government entity – you need wise counsel and representation regarding your First Amendment Rights.

Don’t go through it alone. Don’t just wonder what to do or worry about a situation when you can have help from an experienced legal team.

Our lawyers serve Columbia, SC and the surrounding areas. We will personalize our representation to your needs whether you are an individual or a large corporation. Our team can evaluate the situation, discuss possible courses of action and available remedies.

Talk to a Lawyer – Consultations Available

If you need counsel regarding First Amendment rights and protections, we invite you to contact Shealey Law Firm. Talk to a Columbia First Amendment lawyer about your situation.

Consultations are available with our lawyers, and we are taking new cases now. Meet our experienced team and see how our law firm may assist you. We can begin representing you immediately.

Call 803-590-3917 or message us today to discuss your case and begin.


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