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Charleston Child Custody Lawyer

The Charleston child custody lawyer that you choose is very important. You’ll rely on their skill and advocacy for the best interests of your children. When you need a law firm that you can trust, contact Shealey Law Firm.

Perhaps there is no more important legal matter than child custody and visitation. The outcome of the case will impact your children and your entire family for years to come. Our lawyers pursue your case with skill, determination and strategy. We fight for you and work with you to represent your interests.

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Who Our Attorneys Represent

At Shealey Law Firm, we represent parents – both mothers and fathers. We also represent third parties, like grandparents or custodians, that may have an interest in a custody matter. We are lawyers for parents and those who have child custody and visitation cases in the Charleston, SC area.

Cases We Handle

Child custody and visitation matters that our attorneys handle include:

Establishing child custody and visitation

A child custody order determines physical possession and care of a child. The first custody order establishes a benchmark that affects custody and visitation for years to come. We will discuss possible outcomes and objectives for your custody and visitation matter and fully represent you.

Modifying child custody or visitation

Circumstances change. There are times when it may be necessary to modify child custody or visitation. Whether you are seeking a change or responding to a request for modification, we will build your case and argue on your behalf.

Enforcing a family court order

The court has the power to enforce its orders. We represent parents seeking enforcement of a family court order. We also represent parents who are accused of not following an order.

Grandparent visitation and alternative custody arrangements

In South Carolina, there are circumstances where a family court can grant visitation to a third party even if the parents object. We’ll give you honest information. If you have the right to grandparent visitation, we’ll aggressively fight for your rights.

Petition to establish paternity

Establishing paternity is often the first step to a child custody order, visitation and child support. If you are a father seeking parental rights, or if you are a mother wanting to establish a child custody and visitation order, a paternity case may be right for you.

Legal and physical custody cases

We help parents with both physical and legal custody cases. Physical custody is who has immediate care of the child. Legal custody is the right to make major decisions about the child’s upbringing. Both aspects are important. We can identify critical issues and represent your interests.

Why You Need a Child Custody and Visitation Lawyer

Skilled representation

The law is complex. The court process is complicated, too. Even if you don’t have a lawyer, the court will treat you like you do when it comes to legal documents, presenting evidence and making objections in the case. Mistakes in the legal process can prevent you from getting the custody and visitation order that you deserve.

Legal strategy

Success in family court requires a detailed legal strategy. It means knowing what your priorities are. It requires evaluating possible and likely outcomes of a potential course of action. Having a lawyer gives you an experienced perspective. You can truly receive personalized representation from a skilled professional.

Professional help

Child custody and visitation matters are stressful and emotional. With such important and consequential issues to be decided, you can rely on our team of professionals to provide clear guidance and support throughout the case.

Presenting your case

The court makes a custody determination based on the best interests of the child. That makes the evidence you present to the court extremely important. We’ll make sure your case is fully prepared and presented to the court.

Why Choose our Charleston Child Custody Attorneys

When you choose Shealey Law Firm as your Charleston child custody and visitation attorneys, we get right to work. It’s our mission and responsibility to get results for our clients. We achieve results through hearings and strategic negotiations.

Shealey Law Firm represents clients in custody and visitation matters throughout the Charleston, SC area. Whether you are looking to file a case, or you have been named in a matter, we will represent your rights and interests.

With years of experience, dedication to our clients and a strong presence in the Charleston, SC area, we are prepared to handle your custody and visitation matter. To meet our legal team, learn about our services and get help right away, please contact us.

Talk to a Child Custody and Visitation Lawyer

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Charleston Child Custody & Visitation Lawyer FAQs

Can one lawyer represent both parents in a custody matter?

No. A lawyer can only represent one client. While a parent may proceed unrepresented, it would be a conflict of interest for a lawyer to represent both parties. If the other parent has a lawyer, keep in mind that they can only serve the interests of that parent.

What age can a child choose which parent to live with in SC?

A child can choose which parent to live with in South Carolina when they reach 18, the age of majority. S.C. Code § 63-15-30 allows the child to express a preference at any age. The court will consider the preference when they decide the best interests of the child.

What court hears custody matters in Charleston, SC?

Most custody matters in Charleston, SC are heard in Richland County Family Court. Because part of Charleston is in Lexington County, it may be appropriate to file in the Lexington County Family Court. Our lawyers can determine the appropriate place to file your case.

Does South Carolina have joint custody?

A South Carolina court may award joint custody to both parents or sole custody to either parent. If a parent requests joint custody, the court must consider it.

How do South Carolina courts award parenting time?

South Carolina courts award parenting time based on the best interests of the child. It’s highly dependent on the specific situation, so it’s important to explain the facts to the court through evidence and arguments.


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