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Work with a Charleston child support attorney from Shealey Law Firm. We represent clients to establish, modify and enforce child support orders. Our family law attorneys represent people who receive or pay child support. Contact us now to discuss your case.

Cases We Handle

Establishing child support

We make sure that your child support is accurate and complete.

Modification of existing orders

It may be appropriate to change an existing child support order. We’ll give you legal advice, prepare your case and represent you.

Enforcement and arrears

Whether you are seeking enforcement of child support or facing arrears in payments, we can represent your interests.

Hidden income

If you suspect the other parent is hiding income to lower their obligations, we can investigate.


When a parent is self-employed, we can investigate their ability to pay support.

Calculation errors

Child support in South Carolina is determined by a mathematical formula. We review calculations for errors and take steps to correct them.

Deviating from the formula

There are circumstances where the court can go outside child support guidelines.

False paternity

If you are ordered to pay child support for a child that is not yours, our attorneys can help.

Why hire our Charleston, SC child support attorneys

We believe:

  • Child support should be accurate. Not only is it fair to both parents, but it is best for the children.
  • A parent collecting child support should receive all they deserve under the law. Similarly, parents paying child support should be ordered to pay no more than the law requires.
  • Legal advocacy is often necessary to help the courts reach the correct child support amount. Even though child support is determined by a formula, the variables must be correct for the formula to create a just result.
  • Every parent who receives or pays child support should have confidence that they are being treated fairly.

Even though the formula is used in most cases, there may be grounds to deviate. Possible reasons include educational expenses for children or a spouse, voluntary underemployment, equitable distribution of property in lieu of periodic support, consumer debt, especially large families, medical expenses, alimony, and substantial disparity of parental income. We advocate to have the situation fully addressed in a child support order.

Charleston, SC Child Support Attorneys – Taking New Cases Now

The Shealey Law Firm child support attorneys are currently taking new cases in the Charleston, SC area. Call 803-590-3917 or message us now.

Charleston, SC Child Support FAQs

How is child support calculated in SC?

Child support is calculated in SC based on the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines. Gross income, health insurance, childcare costs and overnights spent with the child are all factors used to compute a child support obligation.

Do you have to pay child support if you have 50-50 custody in SC?

When parents have 50-50 custody, there is a unique formula used to apportion child support funds. Usually, the higher-earning parent pays child support when there is more than a nominal difference in income between the parents. However, amounts are offset to account for shared custody.

How do you get child support modified in South Carolina?

The court may conduct a periodic review of a child support order every three years. You may also ask the court to modify support if you lose your job, if the custody situation changes or there is another substantial change that may affect the calculation of child support.

Can you have a hearing regarding your child support payment?

Yes. If you don’t believe that the calculated child support amount is correct, you can take your case to court. You can have an attorney represent you.


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