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Attorneys for Drug Possession Charges in Columbia, SC

Drug charges can threaten your freedom, your income and your reputation. Our lawyers for drug possession charges in Columbia, SC represent people facing charges. Start today with your free consultation.

Commonly Possessed Substances

You may be charged with possession of

  • Marijuana, cannabis
  • Prescription medications, opioids, Adderall
  • Hallucinogens, mushrooms
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Methamphetamine

We represent clients in all types of drug charges.

Columbia, SC Drug Possession Laws

South Carolina drug laws apply in Columbia. S.C. Code § 44-53-370c is the drug possession law. The law is only a few sentences long. It says that it’s unlawful for a person to possess a controlled substance knowingly or intentionally.

The law goes on to say that it’s not a violation of law for a person to have drugs if they’re legally allowed for their profession, like a law enforcement officer or drug researcher.

When a person possesses large amounts of a drug, the law creates a presumption of intent to distribute, and charges may be more serious.

In addition to statewide law, the City of Columbia, SC code of ordinances, Article XI, §§ 14-311 to 14-314, prohibits possession of synthetic marijuana.

Consequences of Drug Possession Charges

A drug possession conviction can hurt your life in many ways. Jail time and fines can be steep, but that’s just the beginning. Consequences of a drug possession charge may include:

  • Jail
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Substance abuse assessment
  • Counseling and treatment
  • Employment and volunteering consequences
  • Immigration consequences
  • More serious offenses if you’re charged again later
  • A conviction on your criminal record

The potential exposure for drug possession charges depends on the substance involved, the quantity involved and whether the person has prior convictions. The judge determines the exact sentence within the possible sentences set by law.

Remember, simply being charged with drug possession is not a conviction. There are things you can do to respond to the charges. You may hire a Columbia drug possession lawyer.

Defenses to Drug Possession Charges

Common defenses to drug possession charges are:

  • It’s not the substance alleged
  • You didn’t possess the drug
  • The drugs belong to someone else
  • Someone planted the drugs on you
  • Constitutional violations
  • Chain of custody errors in the police investigation
  • Duress or threats from someone else
  • You may lawfully possess drugs because of your profession

As your drug possession lawyer, we investigate and pursue every defense available to you. Choosing defenses should be done strategically. Our law firm personalizes your defense as we aggressively respond to the charges against you.

Outcomes to Drug Possession Charges

The state must prove the charges against you. Prosecutors (solicitors) have some discretion in how they resolve charges. Here are some potential outcomes to drug possession charges:

  • Trial, resulting in a verdict of guilty or not guilty
  • Dismissal on constitutional grounds or because of police misconduct
  • Participation in drug treatment court, involving intensive treatment, counseling and rehabilitation
  • Pre-trial intervention, diversion, usually requiring counseling and community service
  • Treatment under South Carolina’s Youthful Offender Act
  • Plea bargain to a reduced charge or to a charge that does not include prior offenses

When you’re facing drug possession charges in Columbia, you need a lawyer to address the situation and the strength of the case against you. Then, you can look at the possible defenses. A good case resolution is specific to the situation and the needs of the person facing charges.

As skilled drug possession lawyers, we resolve cases through trial, plea bargaining, motioning the court to suppress evidence and by pursuing diversion programs. For a personalized evaluation of your situation, contact us for your free consultation.

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