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What is the Disorderly Conduct Law in Columbia, SC?

Disorderly conduct in Columbia, SC may be charged under state law, S.C. Code § 16-17-530 or City of Columbia Code of Ordinances, Article IV – Offenses Against the Public Peace and Order, § 14-91. The city and state laws are different.

What charge you may face depends on where the alleged offense occurred and what law enforcement agency investigated.

Examples of Disorderly Conduct

Types of disorderly conduct may include:

  • Being excessively loud or noisy, either by yelling or with electronics
  • Threatening behavior, fighting
  • Loitering, approaching people repeatedly without their consent
  • Offensive behavior
  • Creating physical hazards for others
  • Disturbing a ceremony, gathering or proceeding
  • Making a scene in a loud manner

Some behaviors may overlap into other laws. Disorderly conduct laws are a catch-all for behavior that may disturb public peace. While disorderly conduct laws are not the most serious criminal offenses, any charge can bring unwelcome consequences and a criminal record that follows you into the future.

South Carolina Code Annotated § 16-17-530, Public Disorderly Conduct

S.C. Code § 16-17-530 prohibits public disorderly conduct, profane language, and firearm discharge.

1. Disorderly conduct

Disorderly conduct is being found on a highway, public place or public gathering:

  • In a grossly intoxicated condition, or
  • Acting in a disorderly or boisterous manner

2. Profane language

Disorderly conduct using profane language is:

Using obscene or profane language

  • On a highway,
  • At a public place,
  • At a public gathering, or
  • Within hearing distance of a school or church

3. Firearm discharge

Disorderly conduct by firearm discharge is:

  • While under the influence, or feigning to be under the influence of liquor
  • Discharging a gun, pistol or other firearm
  • On or within 50 yards of a public road, except on your own property

The law allows for just cause or excuse, so self-defense or defense of others is a defense to disorderly conduct by firearm discharge.

What is the penalty for disorderly conduct in Columbia, South Carolina?

Disorderly conduct in Columbia, South Carolina is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $100.

Conditional discharge for disorderly conduct in South Carolina

You may wonder how a disorderly conduct conviction will harm your schooling, professional licensing and employment prospects. You may worry about your reputation and the future in general.

Fortunately, South Carolina law allows for conditional discharge for qualifying cases. The law applies if you haven’t been convicted previously under South Carolina law or a similar law in another jurisdiction.

If a person qualifies, the court may:

  • Decline to enter a judgment of guilt
  • Defer further proceedings
  • Place the person on probation
  • Order terms and conditions of probation
  • Require the person to participate in treatment and rehabilitation

The court may choose whether to offer the conditional discharge program.

The offender must agree, too, so you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to.

When you fulfill the terms of probation, the court dismisses the charges – you can honestly say that you were never convicted. That includes when you’re asked for employment or school purposes. The state keeps a nonpublic record, so they know who has received a conditional discharge. You may receive only one conditional discharge.

If you’re unsuccessful in completing your probation, you’re found guilty, sentenced, and a conviction goes on your record.

How a lawyer can help

A conditional discharge for disorderly conduct charges is not automatic in Columbia, SC. The court must allow it. In addition, you must decide if it’s right for you. Our disorderly conduct lawyers can help you assess if you’re a candidate for conditional discharge. We can help you consider the relevant factors as you decide how to proceed with your case. You also have the right to proceed to trial, and our team of trial lawyers can represent you.

City of Columbia, SC Disorderly Conduct Laws

Columbia, SC Code of Ordinances § 14-91 – Disorderly conduct

It is unlawful for a person in the city limits to:

  • Make lewd or obscene gestures or comments in the presence of others
  • Use fighting words towards someone else
  • Physically interfere with someone else’s lawful activity
  • Congregate with others to impede vehicle or pedestrian traffic, and refuse to disperse when ordered by law enforcement
  • Force their company on any person in a public place against their will

Other City of Columbia disorderly conduct laws are:

  • § 14-92 – Disturbing audience or assemblage at place of amusement
  • § 14-93 – Disturbing religious services
  • § 14-94 – Disturbing schools
  • § 14-95 – Escape from custody
  • § 14-96 – Fortune-telling
  • § 14-97 – Loitering
  • § 14-98 – Drunkenness
  • § 14-99 – Possession/consumption of alcoholic beverages on public property

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