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Charleston Family Law Attorneys

Family law is the making and breaking of family relationships. It is also the determination of legal issues that affect the family and ownership of shared property.

Our family law attorneys represent people in the Charleston, SC area. Contact us now for a consultation and to begin.

Cases Our Family Lawyers Handle

Cases our family lawyers handle include:

Divorce, with and without minor children

We handle divorce cases with and without minor children, representing both women and men.

Separate maintenance

Separate maintenance addresses issues relating to spouses living separately. It may be an indefinite arrangement or the first step in seeking a divorce. It’s not exactly the same as legal separation.


An annulment declares a marriage void for a recognized reason like fraud, underage, lack of consummation or cohabitation, duress or mental incapacity.

Division of shared assets for non-married couples

Unmarried couples may have joint or shared property that needs to be split through legal action, like shared real estate. We can also help with cohabitation agreements for unmarried couples.

Prenuptial and antenuptial agreements

We can help you create an agreement or enforce one as part of a divorce.

Parental rights, child custody, child support

Our family lawyers can assist with establishing parental rights, child custody and support orders.


We represent families in adoption claims, including stepparent and grandparent adoptions.


Our lawyers can help you with a guardianship matter for a minor child or vulnerable adult. We can assist in establishing, modifying or terminating a guardianship.

Legal name changes

We can help with a petition for name change, including for an adult or for a minor child.

Personal protection and restraining orders

Our representation for personal protection and restraining orders includes filing paperwork, service of process and representation in court.

DSS allegations of abuse and neglect

We aggressively defend our clients who are accused of abuse and neglect. Let us fight for your parental rights and the interests of your children.


Emancipation declares a child a legal adult before the typical age of majority. This may be done by agreement between the parent and child, marriage or legal adjudication.

Handling family law cases in Charleston SC

At Shealey Law Firm, our mission is to deliver skilled representation, honest guidance and aggressive advocacy in family court. Here are some ways we help our clients succeed in family court matters:

  • Evaluation of the different things you can do
  • Honest assessment of the possible and likely outcomes of certain actions
  • Strategy planning to meet goals in your case
  • Skillfully handling your matter including preparation of documents, service of paperwork and other legal steps
  • Representing you at court hearings, evidentiary hearings and trials
  • Making arguments to the court
  • Answering your questions
  • Negotiating your case

Your family law matter may be simple or complex. Whether you need accurate preparation and filing of documents or aggressive legal advocacy in a highly contested matter, we are prepared to represent your interests.

Each case is tailored to your needs, the scope of the case and your legal goals. For a personalized consultation, contact us now.

Talk to a family lawyer in Charleston SC

If you are ready to begin your case, or if you are looking for more information, we invite you to talk to a family lawyer in Charleston, SC. The Shealey Law Firm attorneys are currently accepting new cases in family court. Call 803-590-3917 or message us now.

Family Lawyer FAQs

What is a family lawyer?

A family lawyer is a licensed attorney who represents their client in a family court matter. They provide advice, legal advocacy and representation for their clients.

Should I get a family court lawyer?

A family court lawyer makes sure that you know your rights and that your rights are protected. Having a family court lawyer can ensure the process is handled correctly, avoiding mistakes and oversights. Our lawyers will give you honest advice about how we may be able to help in your situation.

When should I get a family court lawyer?

It’s always best to get a family court lawyer as soon as possible in the process. We can help you determine possible courses of action and ensure your pleadings are complete. However, we may assist you at any step in your case. Don’t wait to contact us.

How do I hire your family court lawyers?

To learn if the Shealey Law Firm family court lawyers are right for you, and to get legal help today, contact us for your consultation. We’ll talk about your situation and explain what it’s like to hire us. We can start working on your case today.


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