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What is Prostitution in South Carolina?

Under S.C. Code § 16-15-375(4), prostitution is engaging or offering to engage in sexual activity with or for another in exchange for anything of value.

What Constitutes Prostitution in South Carolina?

There are two South Carolina laws that prohibit prostitution and related acts. The laws are S.C. Code § 16-15-90 and § 16-15-100.

Prostitution may be categorized as the “Four P’s” – pimping, pampering, patronizing and prostituting. All are illegal in South Carolina.

  • Pimping: Profiting from prostitution
  • Pampering: Facilitating prostitution
  • Patronizing: Paying for sexual activity
  • Prostitution: Sexual activity for pay

More specifically, S.C. Code § 16-15-90 and § 16-15-100 detail acts of prostitution that are illegal in South Carolina.

Under S.C. Code § 16-15-90, any of the following may be unlawful when done for the purpose of prostitution:

  • Sexual activity for anything of value
  • Soliciting or procuring
  • Exposing the private person
  • Entering or remaining in a vehicle or building
  • Receiving a person into a vehicle or building or allowing them to remain
  • Maintaining a brothel or house of prostitution
  • Directing or transporting others
  • Leasing or renting a vehicle or building
  • Knowingly aiding or abetting any of these activities

Additional actions prohibited by S.C. Code § 16-15-100 are:

  • Procuring a female for a house of prostitution
  • Promising, threatening, using violence or using any scheme to make a female a prostitute
  • Inducing, persuading or encouraging a female to travel into or out of the state for prostitution
  • Receiving anything of value for procuring a female to become a prostitute
  • Accepting anything of value from a prostitute, without consideration
  • Knowingly aiding or abetting any of these activities

Our Colombia prostitution defense lawyers can represent you in the charges you are facing.

Penalties for Prostitution in South Carolina

Criminal penalties for prostitution in South Carolina are:

First offense

Fine up to $200 or up to 30 days in jail.

Second offense

Fine up to $1,000, up to six months in jail, or both.

Third or subsequent offense

Fine up to $3,000, imprisonment of one year or more, or both.

Enhancements for offenses occurring near childcare facilities

When prostitution occurs within 100 yards of a childcare facility, the offense is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000, 10 years in prison or both, in addition to other penalty of law. (S.C. Code § 63-13-200).

Permitting a minor to engage in prostitution

Under S.C. Code § 16-15-335, it is illegal for someone over 18 to hire, use or permit a person under 18 to engage in prostitution. An offense is a felony, publishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Soliciting a minor to engage in prostitution

Under S.C. Code § 16-15-342, it is illegal for someone over 18 to communicate with someone under 18 for the purpose of the minor participating in prostitution or sexual activity in the presence of someone under 18. An offense is a felony, punishable by a fine up to $5,000, 10 years in prison or both.

Does a prostitution conviction require sex offender registration in South Carolina?

Most prostitution convictions don’t require sex offender registration in South Carolina. Only prostitution offenses involving the sexual abuse of a child, like promoting prostitution of a child under 18, result in a requirement to register. (S.C. Code § 17-25-135).

Fighting Prostitution Charges in South Carolina

As prostitution defense lawyers serving Columbia and South Carolina, we aggressively fight charges on behalf of our clients. We will investigate and assert any defense that may be appropriate for your case, including:

  • You didn’t engage in sexual activity or solicit
  • There was no exchange or solicitation of anything of value
  • Entrapment, inappropriate law enforcement inducement
  • Miranda violations that may result in exclusion of evidence
  • Mere presence at a location, without evidence you were involved

The state must prove the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. To prepare your defenses, we investigate, which may include speaking with witnesses, gathering communications, surveillance video and other evidence. If the state can’t prove every element of your case, it may result in a dismissal or finding of not guilty.

Pre-trial intervention for prostitution charges in South Carolina

Your prostitution case may qualify for participation in the pre-trial intervention program. The pre-trial intervention program may be available if your previous criminal history is minor and the offense was not violent. Offenses involving minors do not qualify.

Pre-trial intervention may allow you to avoid a conviction on your record. Participation typically requires community service, restitution and counseling.

Pre-trial intervention may be an attractive option. Your criminal record may remain clear, protecting your reputation. The solicitor must agree to your participation and the terms. Our lawyers can assist you in making a timely application for pre-trial intervention. We can assist in presenting your application in a favorable light and negotiating the conditions of your participation.

Even if you qualify, pre-trial intervention is not for everyone. You have trial rights. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to aggressively present your defenses at trial. We can help you determine if participation is right for you. Our representation is comprehensive, including determining a defense strategy and representing you at all court appearances.

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