Luke Shealey

Luke Shealey

Luke Shealey graduated from The University of South Carolina with a B.A. in 2001. After clerking for two years at a major Columbia law firm, Luke decided to pursue the practice of law. Mr. Shealey graduated law school in Boston, Massachusetts from the New England School of Law. While there he was elected to the Student Bar Association and invited to write for one of the school's several journals.

In 2006, Luke moved back to Columbia, SC, and began working as an Assistant Public Defender, where he would diligently represent indigent clients on criminal cases for almost seven years. Mr. Shealey was a tireless advocate for his clients, and for the majority of his time as a public defender he represented only the most serious crimes. Mr. Shealey has taken countless cases to trial with exceptional results, earning an uncanny amount of not guilty verdicts to include murder, all levels of assault, domestic violence, kidnapping and driving under the influence cases.

Luke was a graduate of the National Criminal Defense College in Macon, GA in 2008, and in 2012 he taught trial advocacy to the inaugural class of the South Carolina Defense College. He has also presented on the topics of Stand Your Ground and Castle Immunity at the annual Public Defender Association conference. In 2013, Mr. Shealey was appointed to his first death penalty case. He and the other team members were tasked with literally trying to save this man from execution by the State of South Carolina. In 2015, Mr. Shealey and the other members of the team were able to secure a life sentence for their client.

Mr. Shealey has trained in the Colorado Method of Capital Voir Dire at the Colorado School of Law and also in death penalty defense at the Santa Clara University School of Law. Mr. Shealey strives to provide powerful representation, and his vast courtroom experience allows him to achieve maximum results for his clients.

Mr. Shealey is admitted to practice in all South Carolina State and Federal Courts. Contact Luke Shealey today for free consultation.

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